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Facts About Spring

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Spring, the beginning of the warmer seasons of the year. This is the season where people have more get together that take place outside as well having an increase in barbecues and events that span across towns. It’s one of the more popular moments in the year where people can just let loose and travel from location to location just to have fun, especially college students. For those of you planning a great time with your friends or family in the spring season, here are a few things that you might want to take into account.

A blooming Sour Cherry in springA blooming Sour Cherry in spring. © Benjamin Gimmel.

Does it snow in spring?

Well, since spring is the first warm month of the year, just after winter, there can and will be some left over remnants from the winter season. This means it’s entirely possible, despite the climbing temperatures, that a snow storm or snow fall can occur within the first month of spring and sometimes even after that first month though that is not as likely.

Do the birds return in spring?

Yes they do, after the winter migration, they return to their original locations and set up shop once more building nests, feeding their young, hatching more eggs, just a plethora of nuances for all the birds to enjoy upon their return.

Birds migration routesBirds migration routes based on Newton, I. (2008) The Migration Ecology of Birds. © L. Shyamal.

When does the Sun rise?

Unlike in the winter where it will rise earlier in the morning and will set much later in the day, like around seven or eight at night at times.

What else is spring called?

Well, on its first day, spring is referred to as the Vernal Equinox in which the length of night is the same as the length of day. The words have Latin origins behind them both translating to “spring” and “equal night” in English.

Do school sports start up in spring?

Yes they do, most school sports begin in the spring and will last until the end of the year. This includes most outdoor sports like baseball, football, and soccer. All other sports are played during the fall and winter on the inside.

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