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Facts About Rocky Mountains

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The Rocky Mountains are a chain of mountains found in the western United States and Canada that extends from the US and then ends in Canada. The total distance from start to end of the mountain range is over 3,000 miles (4,830 km) and it covers an area of 382,894 sq miles (991,691 km²). The chain is often referred to as “The Rockies”, and is an awesome site to see in any one of the two countries it is found in. There is a lot that you may find interesting about the mountain range.

Map of the Rocky MountainsMap of the Rocky Mountains. ©


In the United States, the highest peak can be found in Colorado and is called Mount Elbert. The peak reaches up to 14,440 feet or 4,401 meters. In the Canadian portion of the Rockies, you would have to go to Mount Robson, which can be found in British Columbia. Mount Robson measures about 12,972 feet or 3,954 meters. The peaks are part of the chain that forms what is known as the Continental Divide. The width of the Rockies vary from 70 to 300 miles (110 to 480 km).

The Continental Divide

The Continental Divide is named for the specific place in which there is a division in the flow of the rivers associated with the mountain range. At the Continental Divide, river meet at a point, but one side flows east, while the other moves westward. This unique trait makes it so that the rivers of the mountain range reach both the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean through rivers, channels, and other connections.

Wildlife around the Rockies

Animals claim the territory surrounding the mountains. Such animals include deer, elk, and bears, but there are many more that inhabit that land.

Other resources to be found at the Rockies

There are other things to be found at the Rockies other than animals. The land around and on the mountains is rich with elements such as iron, silver, and gold. There are dozens of different mineral deposits to be found, which makes the Rockies a valuable part of not only the landscape, but of the economies of the countries it inhabits.

Rocky Mountain National Park

There are several parks found along the range including Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountain National Park, which are popular tourist destinations with beautiful views of the mountain. The Rocky Mountain National Park is recognized for its great beauty and attracts millions of people.