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Facts About Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and would become a European establishment in 1531. Since the discovery of Puerto Rico during the age of discovery, the now US state established land has grown and developed its own history, culture, and existence in the world. There are a lot of little known facts that are definitely fun and worth learning in regards to the land that is named Puerto Rico. Here are just a few to learn about and enjoy…

Map of Puerto RicoMap of Puerto Rico (view online).

Early history

Once Columbus landed and established Puerto Rico, or what he called the Island of Saint John the Baptist, life on Puerto Rico began to develop quite rapidly. Columbus established Ponce de Leon as the governor of Saint John the Baptist, but de Leon quickly changed the name to Puerto Rico. Also, he established San Juan, which would forever be known as the oldest US Territorial city in history.

Palm and coconut trees

Ponce de Leon and the other inhabitants of Puerto Rico learned quickly that the land they were living on was rich in nutrients that yielded palm and coconut trees. One very interesting fact is that the British took over, temporarily, the rule of Puerto Rico from the Spanish for sixty-five days, but the Spanish soon reclaimed what they believed was theirs.

Flag of Puerto RicoFlag of Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico has beautiful and unique geographical locations. In particular, Puerto Rico is the proud home of the Mona and Monito Islands.

Growing coffee

Puerto Rico is one of two locations in the United States that contains land suitable for coffee growing, making it one of only two locations that provide United States coffee. These are just a few of the interesting facts that exist about Puerto Rico. There are plenty more to learn and enjoy about the lovely Puerto Rico! Also see: facts about Spanish speaking countries.