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Facts About Pokemon

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Pokemon is the name given to a group of cartoon characters that have entranced children all over the world. There are many websites, groups, and stores dedicated to the Pokemon phenomenon, yet many people do not know what Pokemon is. However, ask any Pokemon fan and you will not only learn a great deal about what Pokemon is, but you will also learn a lot of little facts about individual Pokemon characters. Pokemon is a world unto its own.


Pokemon Characters

According to legend, the first Pokemon ever created was named Rhydon, but talk to different fans and you made get different answers. Some of the most famous characters include, Piccachu, Poliwag and Cobra. All of the characters have specific skills and abilities that are seen through the Pokemon cartoon episodes and that can also be seen through the video games based on the episodes.

Card Collections

If you go on e-Bay and type in Pokemon, you will likely be directed to a list of Pokemon cards. Fans collect these cards, which can be worth a lot of money depending on the edition of the card and the character on the card, and they use them to play games with other Pokemon fans. The cards are usually kept in cases or books because hard-core fans know their worth.

Pokemon Games

Many Pokemon websites are dedicated to helping fans learn how to effectively play video games based on the cartoon. Sites mention facts about different characters, their skills, and when to put certain characters to use. Real fans can appreciate the time and effort that goes in to describing how to play these games, and non-fans can begin to understand how popular Pokemon actually is.

Pokemon in Culture

Pokemon, which began in Japan, is a pop culture staple. There are actually two well-known Japanese jets that have been named after Pokemon. Fans can fly in true Pokemon style because everything inside and outside of the plane is dedicated to the cartoon. Characters can be found on the outside of the planes, and the inside is decorated accordingly. Americans are just as wild about Pokemon, and while there may not be a plane or two dedicated to Pokemon, there are millions of fans that would certainly hope for one!

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