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Facts About North America

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The North America is a continent located at the northern and western hemisphere of the Earth. It is the northern continent of the Americas. It has the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, Arctic Ocean on the north, the Caribbean Sea on the southeast. On the western side, you have the North Pacific Ocean on the west and South America on the southeast.

North America continentMap of North America continent.

Size of the continent

The total land area of the North America is 24,709,000 square kilometers. Area wise, it is the 3rd largest continent in the world. As of 2008, the total population of the continent is about 528,720,588, which is the 4th largest in the world. The population density is approximately 22.9 per square kilometer, which is the largest for any continent in the world. The North America continent consists of 23 countries. The Unites States of America, one of the most powerful country in the world, is situated in the North America continent.

Central America continentMap of Central America continent.

Fun facts

Death Valley, California is the lowest point in North America. The temperatures can vary from anywhere between 100° F during daytime to the low 30° F during nighttime. A trip from San Francisco to New York via Cape Horn in South America would take 22,500 km or 14,000 miles. With the Panama Canal, the trip will only be 9,500 km or 5,900 miles. That is a savings of 13,000 km or 8,100 miles. In terms of shipping time saved, it would be around 14 to 16 days.

Panama CanalThe Panama Canal shipping route.

How it got its name?

The term America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, a famous Italian explorer. When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he though it was India, therefore named it East Indies. Amerigo was the first European to discover and suggest that America was not a part of Indian subcontinent and due to his contribution, two German cartographers, Matthias Ringmann and Martin Waldseemüller, came up with the term America.

Extreme points

Mexico City, Mexico is the largest city on the continent. The highest point of the continent is the Mount McKinley located in Alaska, US. The lowest point of the North America is also located in the US, which is Death Valley in California. English, Spanish and French are some of the most common languages of the North America.

Facts on other North American countries

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6 Comments on Facts About North America
  1. Auron Renius:

    Columbus wasn’t actually the first to discover America, the Vikings got there before him. According the Viking Saga’s, Leif Ericsson found he New World back in1000 AD, much of it has been confirmed by archeologists, he stated;


  2. admin:

    Hi Auron,

    Yes, there seems to be 2 version of who discovered America first, the commonly known explorer, Christopher Columbus as well as the lesser known Vikings.

  3. taylor rilley demeter:

    i want to know how christopher columbus travel when he wasn’t on the boat?

  4. admin:

    Hi Taylor,

    Since cars went invented yet, i guess he would probably have used horses or he could have simply walked from places to places. Taxis and subways are definitely out of the question. Remember, this was way back in the late 1400s.

  5. Deric MCdremic:

    hi i just wanted to know 1st the ocean is a rough thing to sail on so how did theymake the ship strong enough to sail on it with Christopher Columbus and 2 can u help with what language is the most spoken also in death vally why is it called that were there alot of deaths there or …
    thanks bye

  6. admin:

    Hi Deric MCdremic,

    How do they make ship that is strong enough to sail in the sea?

    Well, they use carvel method for making boats or in Columbus’s case, carrack. It is a good way to make very strong boat that is large and heavy. It is great for making long distance travel and is stable in rough seas.

    Most spoken language?

    Old English or in Columbus’s case, Spanish.

    Why it is called death valley?

    Groups of men/pioneers were lost in the Death Valley in the winter of 1849-1850 and at least one of the group died. It has been called Death Valley ever since.

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