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Facts About Lawyers

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Lawyers are valuable and essential in the judicial process of many nations and governments. Courts exist so that major problems can be worked out with the aid of people who have studied the law. Lawyers act as representatives to their clients in front of the judge, and are tasked with presenting an argument and defense that will help their clients win their case. Being a lawyer, as a job, has existed for hundreds of years so there is a lot to learn about what lawyers do as well as interesting facts that you may not be aware of.

Average salary for lawyers across AmericaIf you do decide to become a lawyer, you may want to check out the map above for the average salary for a lawyer based on geographical location. Average salary for a lawyer starts from $40,820 to $192,000 a year.

History of Lawyers

Historians believe that the earliest lawyers existed in the government of Ancient Greece. Lawyers in Ancient Greece served purposes similar to those purposes of today. Lawyers existed in the courts during the Middle Ages, and courts were established by monarchs like King Henry VIII who established courts to determine whether or not people were guilty of treason against him. Throughout history, being a lawyer has remained a respected and necessary job for the effective system of governments.

How to Become a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is no easy process. In order to become a lawyer in the United States a person must attend a four-year college or university and obtain a Bachelor’s degree. There are many different options for people to choose for their major if they want to become a lawyer, but the most popular tend to be English, Pre-Law, History, and Political Science majors. Once the four-year degree program is completed, the person must then attend a law school for three years. After all of this education, the person then must face the hardest part of becoming a lawyer—the bar exam. The exam differs from state to state because each state has its own individual laws, but they all require the lawyer-to-be to be knowledgeable about the courts and the court system.

Being a Lawyer

Being a lawyer is a very demanding job. There are long and hard hours ahead for those who pass the bar exam and are hired as lawyers. However, lawyers are often greatly compensated for their skills and time. Most lawyers work independently or in law firms, but some go on to work directly for the state as prosecutors and representatives of their respective states.

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