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Facts About King Henry VIII

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King Henry VIII was thought of being a hypochondriac, when the plague broke out, he left for his summer home every summer. King Henry VIII was also considered to be a hoarder, at the time of his death, it is reported he had fifty palaces, 78 recorders and 78 flutes, 6,500 handguns and 70 ships. His after death, inventory showed 20,000 plus items! Continue reading if you are interested in learning more interesting facts about King Henry VIII.

King Henry VIIIPortrait of Henry VIII of England by Hans Holbein the Younger.

King Henry’s wives

King Henry VIII was married six times, there is a rhyme that was made about his marriages, “Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived”. The first of Henry’s wives was the widow of his brother; he divorced her because he liked her lady-in-waiting more. His second wife was beheaded because she had a miscarriage with her second child; she was accused of witchcraft and beheaded for adultery. The third wife died twelve days after giving birth to a son, she died from blood poisoning. Henry’s fourth wife didn’t like her husband’s looks, she had an affair with one of his male servants, accused of adultery and beheaded. His fifth wife he divorced because he felt he was deceived about her looks, however they became great friends. In addition, his sixth wife survived after his death and married again.

King Henry’s diet

King Henry VIII was an odd one when it came to his diet; he enjoyed artichokes, damsons, and cherries and strawberries. He also consumed pigs and deer but the odd part is he ate whale mean, peacock and beaver tails!


King Henry VII threw massive balls to show his enemies he had money to waste; there were usually over 200 guests. They consumed mass amounts of whole pigs, deer, and lambs.

Physical change of King Henry VIII

When King Henry VIII was a boy, he was 6’1” and weighed roughly 200 pounds. In his old age, due to lavish parties and an ulcer-inflamed leg, he weighed in around 320 pounds, with a waist measurement of almost 52 inch around!