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Facts About Jack The Ripper

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This criminal caused many sleepless nights for detectives in London during the late 1800’s. His crime spree sent a shrill of terror among women on the streets of London. His typical victims were prostitutes. This was another name for the man that caused death to many women. Here are a few facts about his crime spree and some of the mark that this murderer left on London.

Jack The Ripper's first letterJack The Ripper’s first letter dated September 25th, 1888. The letter started with the words “Dear Boss” and ended with “Yours truly, Jack the Ripper. Don’t mind one giving the trade name”.

When the killings occurred?

The killing began in 1888 and lasted through 1891. They all occurred on London’s East side. The drama was played out within a one mile radius of Whitechapel. This was a section of the city that was known as the proper.

Gruesome murders

Because of the brutality and the consistent victim’s gruesome murders, the Whitechapel felt the need to call in reinforcements to try and help them capture and stop such killings. The Scotland Yard sent in several detectives to help with this baffling case. This insane man had very little concern with how he left his victims.

He knew what he was doing

Their bodies had been sliced around their necks, he also gutted of few of the women. Professionals in the medical field that saw the corpses all agreed that the perpetrator must have had some form of knowledge. The skill that he butchered the women with pointed towards a knowledge of the current medical field. He had such precision the officials feared they had a medical professional causing the deaths.

How many women did he killed?

He was accredited with murdering eleven women however; it is believed that the facts show that he only killed five of those. There could have been a copycat killer for the others. Although no final evidence cemented that theory.

How he got his name?

This criminal’s name was taken from a letter that had been sent to the local newspaper of London. This name stuck with the man that created fear among women on London streets. The letter was sent directly to the police. It stated that he frowned upon women whores, and he also added the he had no problems ripping them apart. There was a second note that was received in a short time after the first one arrived. He signed it simply as Saucy Jack.


There were a high number of men that were suspects, but eventually they were limited to just four suspects. Most people do not realize that these murders are different than the Whitechapel murders. The past has sort of blended them together. His crimes became known and feared worldwide because of the violence in each crime. Newspapers all over the world would carry the latest information and all of the gory details that this murderer would leave upon his victims.

Then things got worst

During some construction of a new Police Station, a female’s body was found. It was just her upper torso. Jack’s crime reached new levels when he began playing with the detectives working on the cases. He sent a victim’s kidney to the current official of the Vigilance board.

Never caught

Jack the Ripper was never identified but some have speculated that it could have been Robert Mann.

A sick man

It appeared that he was not only going to be the judge and the jury for his victims, but he was also going to taunt those trying to catch him and bring him to justice.