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Facts About Islands

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There are over 100,000 islands on earth. Many are tropical and many are covered in ice. The number of islands on earth is constantly changing due to the rise and fall of sea levels. When the sea levels are high, many small islands disappear. There are several different ways for islands to form. You can even have an island made. Looking for more facts then read on.

Comparing the size of Australia and GreenlandComparing the size of the largest island, Greenland and the smallest continent, Australia.

Creation of an island

The creation of an island can happen many different ways. There are volcanic islands that are created from undersea volcanoes erupting and the lava builds an island as it continues to spew; an example of this would be Hawaii. There are islands that are created from the tectonic plates as they shift. These types of islands are called rift islands. If you want your own island there are special machines that force sand to the bottom of the ocean and eventually with enough build up creates an island.

Delicate ecosystems

Islands have their own special ecosystems. The balance has to be maintained otherwise plant and animal life become endanger. Over 70% of the world’s extinctions happen on islands. This is due to human habitation or introduction of species that are not natural inhabitants to the island, just to name two. Many times when an ecosystem is upset it is impossible for it to be set back to balance.

Top 10 largest island in the worldTop 10 largest island in the world.

Largest island

Greenland is considered to be the largest island in the world. However, Australia is three times bigger than Greenland. Australia is considered to be an island continent, thus not making it an island. The smallest island really can’t be determined, reason being there are no set guidelines to determine what makes an island.

Interesting island facts

Did you know that 1 in 6 people are an islander? The most populated island in the world is Java, Indonesia with a population over 130 million people. The least populated island is Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean. There are a total of about 48 inhabitants from just 4 families.

Facts about islands from around the world

Discovery of famous islands

  1. Galapagos island discovery
  2. Caribbean island discovery