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Facts About Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson was an English explorer during the Elizabethan Era. While a lot is known about this particular explorer there are many things that most people do not know about Henry Hudson. He was well educated and is remembered for many different explorations for the Muscovy Company. One of the most well-known is the Hudson River exploration. He was the grandson of Henry Hudson, the founder of the Muscovy Company. If you are interested in learning more about Henry Hudson, take a look at these facts.

Henry HudsonHenry Hudson.

Ships of Henry Hudson

The ships that carried Henry Hudson on his voyages of discovery are the Discovery, Hopewell and Half Moon. Each one was outfitted with 16th and 17th century navigation devises such as cross staffs, compasses, charts, astrolabes, traverse boards, almanacs and nocturnal. These would have been used to plot courses using the sun, stars and moon as guideposts.

Henry Hudson’s voyages

In total, Henry Hudson made four different voyages for the Muscovy Company. The last voyage resulted in his being set adrift. No information is known whether or not he survived being put adrift after the mutiny on the Discovery. Punitive action was recommended against the mutineers but was never carried out.

North American voyages of Henry HudsonMap of the two North American voyages of Henry Hudson. First route is in red & second in purple.

The most famous voyage

Out of the four voyages that Henry Hudson made, the third voyage is the one most remembered in the United States. This was undertaken in 1609 and resulted in the discovery of the Hudson River. He made several stops in George’s Harbor and Delaware Bay en route to discovering the Hudson River. He also made stops in what is present day Albany and Manhattan before returning home.

First voyage

The first voyage of Henry Hudson happened in 1607 at the request of the Muscovy Company to find a route via the North Pole to China and Japan. Sailing from England to Greenland, he spotted whales. He was forced to turn back due to bad weather. Upon his return back to England, whaling ships were sent to the area.