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Facts About Grassland

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Grasslands are a transition space between deserts and forest. The grasslands have many kinds of wild life that call the grasslands home. Grasslands are on all the continents except for Antarctica. If the grasslands received any more rain they would become forest and if the grasslands had less rain they would then be deserts. Read on to find out more.

What is a Grassland?

Grassland is a transition biome between forest and deserts. There are two different types of grasslands, temperate and tropical. The tropical grasslands are in the southern hemisphere, and temperate grasslands are in the northern hemisphere.

Grassland location worldwideGrassland location worldwide. You can find grassland in central North America, central and southern of South America, most of middle and south of Africa, central Asia and east of Australia. Grassland are also known with other names such as shrublands and savanna.

Tropical Grasslands

Tropical grasslands are located in the southern hemisphere. They have two types of seasons: Dry season and rainy season. During the dry season the grass does not grow do to the lack of water to help sustain growth. The grass of tropical grasslands can get up to seven feet tall. This type of grassland is home to elephants, lions, and hyenas, along with many more animals.

Animals in grassland includes elephants, lions and zebrasTropical Grassland: Animals that inhabit such biome includes the elephants, lions and zebras. Popular tropical grasslands includes those in Africa and Australia. In Australia, it would be common to find kangaroos hoping around and thriving in such environment.

Temperate Grasslands

Temperate grasslands are located in the northern hemisphere. They receive an average rainfall between 10 and 30 inches. The grass is shorter than tropical grassland. The two types of seasons for the temperate grasslands are dormant and growing. During the dormant seasons the grass does not grow. The temperature gets too cold, freezes and gets snow. The dirt in the grasslands is very fertile and is best for farming. Much of the United States grasslands have been destroyed to be turned into farm land. The temperate grasslands are home to many animals including deer, jack rabbits, mice, and snakes.

Temperate grasslands are home to jack rabbits and deers.Temperate Grassland: Located in the northern hemisphere and are home to jack rabbits, deers, snakes and even prairie mice.

Interesting Facts

The government of Africa has created national parks to help preserve its grasslands. In the US, grass is being planted in areas that were once farmlands. The grasslands of the US once had millions of bison that roamed it freely. Grasslands are burned to keep trees and bushes from taking over and also to help expand the grasslands. They have also been called prairies, steppes, and savannas.

Bison roam free in the grasslandIn North America, there was a time when millions of bison roam free in the grassland. Efforts are being made to increase the size of grasslands to help revive the number of free roaming bison.