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Facts About Grassland

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Grasslands are a transition space between deserts and forest. The grasslands have many kinds of wild life that call the grasslands home. Grasslands are on all the continents except for Antarctica. If the grasslands received any more rain they would become forest and if the grasslands had less rain they would then be deserts. Read on to find out more.

What is a Grassland?

Grassland is a transition biome between forest and deserts. There are two different types of grasslands, temperate and tropical. The tropical grasslands are in the southern hemisphere, and temperate grasslands are in the northern hemisphere.

Grassland location worldwideGrassland location worldwide. You can find grassland in central North America, central and southern of South America, most of middle and south of Africa, central Asia and east of Australia. Grassland are also known with other names such as shrublands and savanna.

Tropical Grasslands

Tropical grasslands are located in the southern hemisphere. They have two types of seasons: Dry season and rainy season. During the dry season the grass does not grow do to the lack of water to help sustain growth. The grass of tropical grasslands can get up to seven feet tall. This type of grassland is home to elephants, lions, and hyenas, along with many more animals.

Animals in grassland includes elephants, lions and zebrasTropical Grassland: Animals that inhabit such biome includes the elephants, lions and zebras. Popular tropical grasslands includes those in Africa and Australia. In Australia, it would be common to find kangaroos hoping around and thriving in such environment.

Temperate Grasslands

Temperate grasslands are located in the northern hemisphere. They receive an average rainfall between 10 and 30 inches. The grass is shorter than tropical grassland. The two types of seasons for the temperate grasslands are dormant and growing. During the dormant seasons the grass does not grow. The temperature gets too cold, freezes and gets snow. The dirt in the grasslands is very fertile and is best for farming. Much of the United States grasslands have been destroyed to be turned into farm land. The temperate grasslands are home to many animals including deer, jack rabbits, mice, and snakes.

Temperate grasslands are home to jack rabbits and deers.Temperate Grassland: Located in the northern hemisphere and are home to jack rabbits, deers, snakes and even prairie mice.

Interesting Facts

The government of Africa has created national parks to help preserve its grasslands. In the US, grass is being planted in areas that were once farmlands. The grasslands of the US once had millions of bison that roamed it freely. Grasslands are burned to keep trees and bushes from taking over and also to help expand the grasslands. They have also been called prairies, steppes, and savannas.

Bison roam free in the grasslandIn North America, there was a time when millions of bison roam free in the grassland. Efforts are being made to increase the size of grasslands to help revive the number of free roaming bison.

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38 Comments on Facts About Grassland
  1. anthony:

    Does the grassland have any ecological concerns like air pollution?

  2. admin:

    Hi Anthony,

    As for air pollutions, no really because most grasslands like in the US are turned into farmlands and are lost for good. Other grasslands like in Australia and Africa are simply not developed enough to face such concerns, which in a way is great. You can read more on air pollution facts as well:

  3. Iris:

    Are there any exotic species in the North American grasslands? If so, what are they?

  4. kiana:

    does the grasslands ever get rain and do they have trees and flowers

  5. admin:

    Hi Iris,

    Yes there are some exotic animals in North America’s grasslands. These includes the bison, Black-footed Ferret, Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Greater Prairie Chicken, Pronghorn, Burrowing Owl, Golden Owl, White-tailed Jack Rabbit and California Condor.

  6. admin:

    Hi Kiana,

    Yes, they do, Grasslands do receive rain but they receive less rain than a typical rainforest and more rain than a desert. As for trees, a lot less trees and more flowers indeed.

  7. Heighleigh:

    How many people live in grasslands in the USA?

  8. Opal G.:

    How big are prairie mice? are they cute? can you post a picture?

  9. admin:

    Hi Heighleigh,

    That is a very good question. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to answer simply because the boundaries for grassland are not clear cut. You can bet that states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa to be grassland states. So, you can expect to have a minimum of 19 million people in the US to live in grassland areas.

    Hi Opal G.,

    Prairie mice are about as big as your typical house mice but are adapted to living in the grassland area. I won’t say they are cute as other animals can be even cuter than prairie mice.

  10. Manbeer:

    I was wondering if you could also talk about Tundras, Desserts in more detail. I like the facts and would love to learn more. Thank you for your time and have a great day/night

  11. Manbeer:

    In class I am learning about biomes so this would be very useful for me.

  12. admin:

    Hi Manbeer,

    Deserts are spelled with one ‘s’ and if it is 2 ‘s’, like desserts, it is a completely different thing. You can check out more facts on deserts below:

  13. felicity:

    thank you so much this was very helpful information! I had a project on grasslands and I found this site and its very helpful! So once again thank you!

  14. Me:

    can you talk about how fun grasslands can be and what they can do to help us in the future?

  15. Mack L.:

    What happens in growing season?

  16. admin:

    Hi Felicity,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Hi Me,

    One fun thing about grassland is that you got animals that you wouldn’t get to see in places like a forest.

    Hi Mack L.,

    Growing season? Are you referring to the grassland growing season? Well, i’m not too sure about that but if anything, i guess the grassland would receive lots of rainfall and you would see lots of animals feeding.

  17. alexis:

    have any vocab words for temperate grassland

  18. mercedes:

    what are some fun facts???????

  19. admin:

    Hi Alexis,

    I’m not sure what you mean, vocab words?

    Hi Mercedes,

    Read this page again, but this time, slowly.

  20. Faith:

    What are some animal adaptations in the grasslands?!

  21. admin:

    Hi Faith,

    One of the biggest adaption is probably their colors. Most grassland animals have brown colored fur or skin to match their surroundings. Another adaptation is their speed.

  22. Animal vs animal:

    Might 18, 2010· the basic characteristics of each and every dog’s habits give you details about the way you ought to behave.

  23. admin:

    Hi Animal Vs Animal,

    I don’t get it. What does a dog have anything to do with grassland? By the way, it is not March 18, 2010.

  24. Alex:

    whats a grassland

  25. Alex:

    is there any viruses in grasslands

  26. admin:

    Hi Alex,

    Grassland is a habitat that is neither a rainforest nor a desert. Grassland is pretty much in between those two habitat. The obvious characteristics is large amount of grass and very little trees.

    Almost everywhere in this world there are viruses. So, yes, there are viruses in grasslands.

  27. jacob:

    What is the climate of the grassland biome

  28. admin:

    Hi Jacob,

    The climate for grasslands are generally dry and cold. Temperatures can range from 0 degrees to about 25 degrees. When it rains, the place gets flooded and when it is cold, it gets moderately cold.

  29. jasmine awsome langner:

    what is the most funniest fact about a temprate grassland

  30. Crystal:

    what is the origin of the word grassland

  31. admin:

    Hi jasmine awsome langner,

    I’m not sure i have one.

    Hi Crystal,

    Well, it is pretty obvious. There are grass everywhere and it is an open field, so grassland fits the bill. It is neither a rainforest, for it lack sufficient amount of trees and it is not a desert either.

  32. max:

    what do people do at the grasslands?

  33. leafpool:

    Hi this has helped me so much thank you:)

  34. Davon Blackwell:

    are there any more instering facts about the grasslands because i am doing a report on them this has been very helpful to me i thank you alot for the facts.
    Davon Blackwell

  35. mason:

    how many grasslands are there in the world?
    is there a definate end to the boundaires?

  36. admin:

    Hi Mason,

    You can have a look at the map above and count them. There is no definite and or boundaries. That is mother nature, everything just blend in until you see from space.

  37. Corin:

    how much percent of coyotes live in real grasslands?

  38. admin:

    Hi Corin,

    That is a good question, but there are no statistics available.

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