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Facts About Gemini

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The astrological sign of Gemini is a very fascinating one. Gemini’s symbol is the twins and the months that covers this sign is May 21st to June 21st. Castor and Pollux are thought to be the symbols of the sign Gemini. This sign is the most versatile of all the astrological signs. Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Mercury. If you want more information about this astrological sign, then take a look at the facts listed below.

Symbol of Gemini, twinsSymbol of Gemini, twins.

Personality traits

A person born under the sign of Gemini will be able to exchange ideas, investigate, interact with the environment and love all things intellectual. They are like chameleons and can change with the times. Free spirits these are as well as a curiosity about knowledge. They are entertaining, bright, charming and witty. They also do not get deeply into just one task alone.

Positive and negative traits

Gemini’s like all other signs have both positive and negative attributes. Some positive attributes are optimism, courteous, affectionate, generous, superficial, kind and enthusiasm. Negative traits can include being quickly angered, inconsistent, irrational, cynical, moody and biting as well as being fickle and lacking concentration.

More about Gemini

Trees ruled by Gemini are nut bearing while flowers such as lavender and Lily of the Valley are also ruled by this sign. The stone is agate and the lucky day is usually Wednesday. Parts of the body ruled by this sign include nerves, arms, lungs and shoulders. The colors usually presented with this sign are either rainbow or yellow. The main principle is interaction. The energy of this sign is yang or masculine while the lucky stone is pearl. Countries that come under Gemini are Switzerland, Wales and the US.

Famous Gemini People

Famous people born under this sign include John F. Kennedy, Queen Victoria of England, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Mann, Walt Whitman, Steffi Graf, Nicole Kidman, Tom Jones, Helena Bonham Carter, Angelina Jolie and others too numerous to list. There are plenty of people that share a Gemini birthday with one that is born under this particular sign.

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