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Facts About Fiji

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Fiji is a very beautiful island to visit. It inhabits an area in the Pacific Ocean, and is a popular vacation spot for those looking to relax on beautiful beaches and shores. There are many tiny islands that make up Fiji, and Fiji became an independent nation after being under British rule in the latter half of the 20th century. Fiji is very interesting to learn about, and maybe you will be inspired to visit the island nation after reading a few fun facts that are listed below.

Map of FijiMap of Fiji (view online).

National facts

Fiji is another one of many countries that is known as a republic, and its official name is the “Republic of Fiji Islands”. The capital, a popular spot in Fiji, is called Suva. If you travel to Fiji, be prepared to exchange your home currency for the Fijian Dollar. The independence Fiji achieved in 1970 has allowed Fiji to develop its own set of unique island characteristics.

People of Fiji

The people of Fiji are lively island dwellers that come from a rich background and history. The people of Fiji are skilled in certain necessary areas, especially agriculture. Fiji provides great land for growing and producing crops, and the people of Fiji have made sure to learn how to make the best out the gift they were given.

Flag of FijiFlag of Fiji.


The beaches on the islands of Fiji are popular visitor spots. Most people like to visit one of the two main islands of Fiji, which are known as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji is recognized, most of all, for their white sandy beaches that get the closest to the ocean water. Imagine a day of relaxation on a white and sandy beach in Fiji!


Sports are a major part of the culture of Fiji. The people of Fiji are very invested in their sports teams, especially rugby and soccer. In fact, the rugby team in Fiji is recognized as among one of the best rugby teams in the entire world.