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Facts About Deciduous Forest

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Deciduous forest are generally forest that have trees that loose their leaves, yearly. In America, we have over five times more trees, much more abundantly then any European forest. However, that is just one simple old fact about these kinds of forests that make up a lot what we see and hear about in America. Here are few other things about these forests you most likely did not have an understanding of.

Geographic location of temperate deciduous forestGeographic location of temperate deciduous forest.

Where it is located?

In North America, you can expect to find deciduous forest from Minnesota to Maine and from Florida to east of Texas. In Europe, you can find them from Ireland to south of Norway and Sweden to Kazan in Russia to Austria and west of France. In Asia, you can spot them from east of China to North Korea and Japan. You also can find them located on the eastern side of Australia as well as the southern tip of South America (Chile and Argentina).

Do we really cause these habitats to die?

Sad but true, due to farming and hostile take over of the land of which these forests once lived, much of what once lived in some of these habitats have died off or at least been driven out of the forest to another location.

Food chain for a deciduous forestThe 4 layers in the food chain of a deciduous forest.

The food chain

It starts from the bottom, where you got nematodes, fungi and soil bacteria. These are base food and then you got ferns, flowers, fruits, deciduous trees and even berry bushes. These are called the primary producers.

Primary producers are consumed by primary consumers, whom are plant eaters. These includes animals like birds, deer, insects and rodents. Primary consumers are hunted by insectivores, small predators and carnivores. These animals include larger birds, opossum, foxes and owls.

The top of the food chain are large predators like bears and cougars. They basically eat small predators and carnivores including fish.

4 Seasons of a deciduous forestThe four seasons of a deciduous forest, something you will not see either in rainforest, grasslands or other biomes.

Anything about the flowers?

Yeah, wildflowers are pretty abundant in these kinds of forests, they sprout during the spring so they can get as much sunlight as they can before autumn begins and the Sun gets blotted out by the leaves on the trees turning brown.

Does bark really protect these trees?

Yes, it does, now it all depends on how thick it is but yeah, it will keep it warm, no cool air will get through this trees armor.

Animals that you can find in a deciduous forestDeciduous forest animals, (from top-left, clockwise) duck-billed platypus, cougar, eastern fox squirrels, brown bears and foxes.

Are there brown bears?

Yep, there are brown bears and these bears have some of the sharpest claws out there that will rip apart their prey and consume every bit, nasty stuff, but an efficient t way of life.

Do the animals hibernate?

All the mammals in the forest such as the woodchucks will stay out of the limelight during the cold seasons and they will hibernate until spring sprouts.

Are there coyotes?

Coyotes make up a lot of the predators you’ll find in this forest; they will hunt together in packs to be more effective hunters, most prey won’t even know what hit them before it’s too late.

What do the plants use to grow?

Most plants get to grow based on the richness of the soil around them, which have an assortment of good nutrients to help in the growth process.