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Facts About Chile

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In South America every country borders Brazil except for two, one is Chile and the other is Ecuador. Chile produces more than a third of the world’s copper. The Chile’s Atacama Desert experienced a 40 year drought. Chile’s top exporter is salmon. Redo is the national sport of Chile, tennis is the most successful and soccer, well it is just the most represented. Their soccer team is actually named after a Patriot of Chilean rule, they are called the O’Higgins. It was not until 1913 that Chile acquired its independence from Spain. Learn more interesting facts about Chile by continue reading.

Map of ChileMap of Chile (view online).


Chile is home to the southernmost village, Puerto Williams. Lake Chungara is the world’s 29th highest lake, 4,517 meters above sea level. Chile has one of the longest and smallest coastlines in the world, the coast runs 6500 km long. The country is only 200 km wide. Chile’s Andes Mountains contains some of the world’s largest volcanoes, many of them are still active, and there are over 1,300 of them!

Interesting side note

There was a church called the Church of Campania that had a design flaw. The doors of the church swung inward. When a giant wind blew into the church it flung the doors open and disrupted the worshipers. The wind knocked over candles that caused a fire and the destruction of the majority of the church. Hugh number of lives were lost in that fire.

Flag of ChileFlag of Chile.


One of the most prosperous cities in Chile is called Valparaiso, it is also known as “The Garden City”. The majority of the population of Chile resides in the capital, Santiago, that is over 4.7 million people. The world’s southernmost city is located in Chile, Punta Arenas. The southernmost island in the world, Joses, is the property of Chile.

Random information

Chile is home to one of the world’s largest and most deserted desert, Atacama. The largest annual fireworks display in South America is in the City of Valparaiso, located in Chile. La Serena is the fastest growing city in Chile. It has grown as much as 30% in the past 30 years. Easter Island was annexed by Chile in the late 1700s, it was originally called Maoi Island. It is located some 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile.

Chile’s neighbor and earthquake

Chile shares a large portion of it’s eastern side border with Argentina. Chile and Argentina is separated by the Andes Mountains and most people in Chile live near the coastlines. In February 27th, 2010, Chile was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale and the country suffered massive damage and lost 525 people.