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Facts About Beach

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Mention a beach and the first things that are thought about are summer and having fun. Many famous beaches include Waikiki Beach, Sunset Beach, Daytona Beach and the list goes on and on. Beaches are for summertime fun, surfing, beach volleyball and other summertime sports. If you want more information, take a look at these beach facts.

4 sections of a beachSections of a beach. © NPS.ORG.

Best surfing beaches

There is some debate about what the best surfing beaches are. For example if you take a look at Hawaii, the best surfing to be found is on Oahu. The Gold Coast of Australia is also considered to have world class surfing beaches. Spain also has a great surfing beach as Fuerteventura. Bali also has great surfing beaches. So you can see that many places can claim to have the best surfing around.

Unusual colored beaches

Unusually colored beaches can be found all around the world. Places such as Ft. Lauderdale, Florida have pink beaches. A red colored beach can be found at Kaihalulu Beach in Maui. This is due to iron rich deposits in the sand. While Ramla il-Hamra beach in Gozo has orange sand, it is not the only place. The island of Sardinia in Italy also boasts orange colored sand. If you are looking for olive green sand then check out Pu’u Mahana Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Green sand beachGreen sand beach at Pu’u Mahana Beach, Hawaii.

Beach racing

Daytona Beach is not the only beach where racing started and continues to this day. There are races held in many parts of the world such as England with the Weymouth Beach race. In France, Le Touquet also has beach races.

Longest beaches in the world

When it comes to the longest beach in the world, there are many different places that claim that particular title. Some examples include: Praia Do Cassino Brazil at 150+ miles. Next on this list would be Padre Island, Texas at 130+ miles. One last item of note is Ninety Mile Beach in Australia coming in at 90+ miles. More: island & ocean.